Don’t Tilt at the Poker Tables and Keep Calm

pokerMost people use the word “tilt” when it comes to a table with one leg shorter than the rest. Photographers use “tilt shift” in order to produce beautiful pictures. When it comes to money, though, “tilt” is something completely different. If you have ever played poker, you probably know about this expression. It is also widely used when discussing stocks, and business in general.

Basically, to tilt is to lose control. To lose control when you should actually keep your cool and continue as you are. This is especially applicable to casino games, with poker being a prominent area when it comes to tilting. When you get too hot-headed, it is easy to lose control. But this should never happen, if you want to win money in a casino. Never chase your losses, and never let the game get the best of you. You may have lost a little bit, but just keep playing as you do, keep your strategy and look forward instead of focusing on the past – that is the main key to winning. If you go mental and “tilt”, you will become a hazard to yourself. And your wallet.

Psychology behind Tilting

Every martial art, every philosophy, every religion teaches the same – always keep your cool. Keep your mental state balanced. If you do not, it is way too easy to lose control. When emotions start running wild, it will be impossible for your brain to continue making smart decisions. This is why self-awareness is so important in just about every aspect of life. You need to control the process of decision-making if you are to succeed in anything. Sometimes it can be hard to find that balance, but a simple and form of meditation is usually enough to find your center.

Nerves when playing E-sport

E sport is another example of when calm and peace of mind is need. This game has become big for both casual play and also real professionals that play for a living. The E-sport players that perform on top level each week often do some sort of meditation. Staying calm and not loosing your temper will be very important if you want to be the best in this game. For those that like esports its possible to find good betting sites for this game on Simple sign up and then enjoy watching those top players and see how calm and relaxed they look even in the most stressful types of games.

Meditation in Any Form Is Good


People find harmony in many different ways. For some, it could be a simple breathing technique. There are great ways to use your breath as a platform for meditation and balance. Long breaths are all it takes for your adrenaline levels to normalize. Many poker players use music as an aide in keeping their cool. You will see lots of people wearing headsets during big poker tournaments. Music is like medicine for our soul, and different music genres do the trick for varied types of people, men and women both.

Stay Calm and Keep Winning

There are many other ways to keep you from tilting at the tables, but the best one is simple knowledge and experience. Maybe it is even good to tilt completely just once in your life. Early on in your career, maybe. That way, you would see for yourself what tilting leads to – nothing good. You would just make even worse decisions, and force yourself into a corner. From there, you would simply be forced to let go and return to your normal self. Once done, you would probably be left with a heavy loss and a feeling of emptiness. And you would definitely not want to experience that again. For many players, it is their very first tilt that shows them the way forward. They either give up playing poker – or other high-stress activities- completely, or learn from their mistake and grow into fabulous, and potentially famous players.