Meditation, What’s In It For Me?

medi1A person who meditates finds their lives considerably better, especially when dealing with other people. Their health improves and they live generally happier lives. Meditation is a way of life for some individuals, just like breathing is essential, and meditation can be equated to that.

Having Control of your Life through Meditation

Meditation helps individuals to make positive decisions, rather than negative ones. They will hear the truth about themselves and deal with the insight in a holistic way, while working on changing the negative about that truth, into positives. Introspection is always the way to look at situations; any happenings on a daily basis are meditated on to discover the reasons behind the action or reaction. These introspections will enable the persons to effect change for the better.

Having Control of your Health through Meditation


Stress is a big part of our lives in modern society. We live through bad stress and good stress, yet it is a bad stress that is destructive and we are generally unable to adequately deal with the effects. Many health issues are caused by too much stress that can be easily avoided if we know how to adequately deal with it. Meditation is one of the great mechanisms to assist in this regard.

Through meditation, we are able to tap into the peace that is around us, in nature, thoughts and the search for joy and well-being. This level of concentration enables us to de-stress while enjoying creation to its fullest, through the sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of nature. Imagine being able to enjoy a fruit and thinking about the many pleasures of just enjoying that fruit. Even listening to the sounds of the waves can be a calming force through meditation.

In meditation, we transfer all that negative stress out of our bodies, enabling us to use the energy for positive things. We in turn receive the peace that we require in order to deal with daily living.

Using Meditation to Love

loveLove is a real emotion, which we all strive to possess. As love is an emotion of the heart, it is important we access this through cleansing our hearts of all our negative feelings towards other people. Once we accomplish this, we are able to relate to others in a more loving and peaceful way. We no longer consider people our enemies, we no longer harbour resentment towards others, and we consider whatever happens between us and the individuals as meant to be.

This acceptance of all-powerful love towards all will in turn manifest into healthier relationships. We become calmer and more at peace with life itself, as it teaches us to relax and equips us with coping mechanisms. Meditation helps us to achieve this height of consciousness with ourselves and others.

Achievements and Benefits of Meditation:

• Stress reduction
• Putting things in perspective
• Peace
• Happiness
• Deeper thinking
• Creativity
• Loving on a deeper level