Must You Be A Buddhist To Practice Meditation?

medMeditation is a way to de-stress, while at the same time reducing or eliminating unwanted health issues. Many of our problems are generally linked to the mind, so it is important to learn how to effectively deal with them. Meditation has been used by many persons to achieve this state. However, you do not need to be a Buddhist to practice meditation.

Meditation is Not a Religion

Buddhists have been practicing the art of meditation for centuries and have so perfected the art, that it is considered by some to be one of the oldest religions. In fact, it is a way of life. To be able to control life and live in a more peaceful way is one of the main teachings of ‘meditation’. The object of a Buddhist is to embrace all elements of the Earth, generating a calm and peaceful way to conduct one’s life.

Anyone Can Meditate


Self-control is more a state of mind, rather than getting angry at situations. When we meditate, we transfer our anger or channel it into energy to use for another purpose. When we feel angry, it is a sign of fear; fear of the unknown or fear of what we perceive to be a threat. We react negatively, so we become so emotionally wound up that we become stressed. In meditation, we practice using that energy of anger in a more positive way. We are getting to the root of why we became angry and decide how to react to the situation or person that caused the state in the first place. This is an example of what meditation is able to do, and its ease of use means anyone can practice the art.

Knowing your True Self through Meditation

Truths are not pretty pictures; especially if these truths are negative things we have been told. Through meditation and getting to know ourselves, the truth usually becomes clear. We do not like the feelings that they generate, so we shy away from them. This is what meditation brings to the surface, enabling us to understand our self.

Meditation is about good relationships. We learn about ourselves, while embracing everything around us. Elements of life, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, which are all connected to help us to have better relationships. Taking the time to breathe, while relaxing, emotionally de-stressing, clearing our thought, and generating positives in our lives, enables human improvement. Our health improves, our medical bills lessen, and we are happier all round. Life is simpler, yet we are able to achieve more in our day, even though we still have 24 hours to fill!

Benefits of Meditation


• Less conflict
• Being bold in our everyday activities; no fear
• Find peace and enjoyment in every moment
• Loving people
• Loving ourselves
• No stress
• Enjoying all that life has to offer and seeing the positives, rather than negatives
Experiencing all these positives in life does not stem just from being Buddhist, so it is not a requirement for effective meditation.